My name is Cesar Delgado, owner of Delgado Fitness Training. DFT was ignited by a passion for fitness and a desire to help others live better, healthier lives. I believe that health and fitness is not just a phase or a cycle that people go through when they need to look good for a wedding or photo shoot, but truly a day to day lifestyle. My goal is to educate and challenge my clients to become better versions of themselves everyday. There may not be such a thing as perfection, but progress is the goal. I preach “consistency breeds change” because if you want to see a shift in your health and fitness it is going to require consistency. I believe a healthy mind, soul, spirit, and body, rely on one another, and I do my best to help push my clients to grow in all areas. Whether I get the privilege to work with you in person or online, you can expect that I will give you my 100% in helping you reach your goals and push you to not ever settle beneath them. 

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